Soft Play Monthly Membership

Why not get the best softplay prices in Swindon, by taking up our Monthly Membership here at Spaceplay.  Get access each and every day throughout the month for one single price.  Also as an added benefit you will get 10% discount on food & drink bought over the counter.

Enjoy the convenience of easy access at any time of the day, just by presenting your membership card or number.  The cost of this Membership is simply 3x the off peak cost of entry.  Provided you visit once a week or more you're saving money!

Age Group  Monthly Membership 
Babies (6 - 11 Months) £4.49
Toddlers (1 - 2 Years) £7.49
Infants (3 - 5 Years) £11.99
 Juniors (6 Years +)  £17.99

The monthly payments are set up through Paypal, meaning you have easy access to control your payments through the Paypal interface.  Don't worry about remembering any logins to our website, you wont need them.  If you should no longer require your Membership, then it's easy to cancel through Paypal.  There is no minimum term, no notice period or cancellation fee, so don't be put off, start enjoying the benefits today.

To start paying monthly, simply ask the staff on your next visit.